Joe Alex Morris Jr.

Foreign Correspondent

  • ARAMCO¬†Magazine CopyWriter, 1950-1953.
  • United Press Middle Eastern Correspondent, 1953-1957.
  • Herald Tribune Cairo Correspondent, 1957.
  • Newsweek Middle Eastern Correspondent 1961-1965.
  • Los Angeles Times Beirut Bureau Chief 1965-1968.
    • Bonn Bureau Chief 1968-1975.
    • Beirut Bureau Chief 1975.
    • Athens, Middle Eastern Bureau Chief 1976-1979.

Among Ourselves obit

L.A. Times journalists and long-time colleagues, London Bureau Chief William Tuohy and Paris Bureau Chief Don Cook wrote an article detailing Joe’s life and career. L.A. Times February 11 1979.

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Dean of Middle Eastern Reporters


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