Joe Alex Morris Jr. Bio and Background





Born June 1st, 1927 to Joe Alex Morris Sr. and Maxine Pooler in Denver, Colorado. Joe Sr., wrote this letter to Maxine’s mother:

JoeSr letter on JoeJr Birth

Joe Alex Morris Sr.

Biographical Sketch (State Historical Society of Missouri)

Joe Alex Morris, Sr. was born in 1904 in Lancaster, Missouri. Growing up in Lancaster,  he worked for the Lancaster Excelsior, a local newspaper owned and operated by his grandfather. Morris graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and began working at the United States Daily in 1925.

During the next five years Morris moved around the country and worked as a reporter for several different newspapers, including the Washington News, the Tulsa Tribune, and the Denver Morning Post. While in Tulsa he met and married Maxine Pooler.

In 1929 Morris joined the United Press in New York, where he eventually worked as the New York news editor, the Washington news editor, and the foreign editor. As foreign editor, a job that he began in 1938, he traveled throughout Europe prior to and during World War II. Morris spent several months in Vichy France, and in England during the blitz.

Following his time with the United Press, Morris worked, for a brief period, as foreign editor for the New York Herald Tribune and later as managing editor of Collier’s magazine. While at Collier’s he returned to Europe to cover post-war events, such as the entrance of U.S. troops into Berlin.

In 1950 Morris left Collier’s to begin a career as a free-lance reporter, writing for maga- zines such as the Saturday Evening Post and National Geographic. His articles covered political and theatrical personalities and travel.

Morris also wrote and co-authored several books after leaving Collier’s. These books covered both non-fiction and fiction topics and included What a Year, 1929; Deadline Every Minute; The Birdwatcher; Nelson Rockefeller: A Biography; Those Rockefeller Brothers; Private Papers of Senator Vandenberg; and Dear Mr. President. He also assisted Eleanor Roosevelt in writing On My Own and General Mark Clark in writing Calculated Risk.

Morris and his wife Maxine had two children, Clare Morris Peckham and Joe Alex Mor- ris, Jr. Joe Alex Morris, Jr. was killed in 1979 while working as a reporter in the Middle East.

Morris-Pooler-Chapin Family Tree