I Am A Piano


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Ulla Morris-Carter‘s first book, a ‘moving memoir’, is uniquely told from the perspective of the piano that traveled and moved with her through her event-filled and at times dramatic life.

Prompted by “frequently asked questions about its origin, I finally set pen to paper to describe the instrument’s journeys over many years of its life with my family.”

It is a fast moving, short and succinct  synopsis of Ulla and the piano’s lives, both of which began in the years just prior to WWII Germany and come together in the early 1970s. The Piano lives and moves with Ulla and her family from ‘boring’ Bonn, Germany to the tumultuous times of the early days of civil war in Beirut, Lebanon, eventually evacuating to Athens, Greece and finding final footing, for now, in California.

From Book Description:
This is the ‘moving’ memoir of an upright piano, made in 1925 in Darmstadt, Germany by an apprentice of Herr Heinrich Steinweg, aka Mr. Henry Steinway. After its trials and tribulations, from Kristallnacht (the night of broken glass) to bombardments of its birthplace, it finally landed in the 1960s in the family of an American foreign correspondent and his German wife. The piano recounts its multiple trans-continental moves from Bonn to Beirut to Athens to America and the turbulent times and journeys of the family up to its current peaceful resting place in Los Altos Hills, California. With its fussy, ‘bourgeois’ pride and limited perspective, this easily disgruntled instrument with sensitive strings concludes, “I am a survivor.”

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Ulla Morris-Carter is in process of putting together the more comprehensive accounts and adventures of her life, from German ancestors and living through WWII as a young girl to her brash and bold move to Egypt as a young woman in the ’50s, to her subsequent marriage to an american foreign correspondent, and their lives in the Middle East, Europe and later her move America. The Piano is a small story of some of these events, as told from the perspective of the piano purchased in Germany in the early ’70s.

Rivers of My Life is set to be published in 2017.