Ulla Morris-Carter

Please click on the links below for more information on each book and for sample pages. Rivers of My Life is the full-length, custom-printed, deluxe-edition spanning the first half of Ulla’s life. I Am Piano is the more concise fore-runner and overview.

Bio: Ulla Morris-Carter

FrontCover smRivers of My Life 

A historically rich and intricate memoir spanning the first half of Ulla Morris-Carter’s exciting life, from World War 2 Germany to Cairo, Egypt as a young woman in the 1950s, to Beirut, Lebanon as a young wife of a foreign correspondent and mother of three in the 1960’s, through to surviving civil wars and evacuations and upheavals in the 1970s.  September 2017

available direct through Ulla (also Amazon if necessary); 7×10″, 430 pages, $30. Click book link above for more info.



I Am A Piano

A fast-paced short ‘memoir’ told from the perspective of the piano that traveled across continents with Ulla and her family, beginning in 1930’s Germany, to the Middle East and eventually America.  2014. 

available direct through Ulla and through lulu.com; 6×9″, 90 pages, $10.95. Click book link above for more info.